Garlic and Ginger Marinated Tofu

tofuAdvanced Tofu: A guide to marinating tofu for your stir fry.

Origin: Can You Stay for Dinner Blog (Visit their website!)

Garlic and Ginger Tofu Marinade 

½ cup soy sauce

1 tablespoon ground ginger

2 tablespoons brown sugar

3 garlic cloves, minced


First, thinly slice the tofu.

Free the tofu of the water stuck inside of it by placing it on a plate with a paper towel (to catch the water) and a weight on top. You’ll essentially be making a ridiculous looking tower to press the water out of the tofu. Press for at least 15 minutes. (Google this process if you are confused)

Once most of the water is out of the tofu, it can absorb more flavours.

Mix together the marinade ingredients and add the tofu to the mixture in a bowl or tupperware. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours before using.

Add this to your stir fry or eat it in a wrap!


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